Caterpillar Farm and CB4 Join Forces to Launch Innovative Change Communication Practice

Caterpillar Farm, a top-tier change leadership consulting firm, and CB4, renowned experts in crafting and telling stories to elevate business and move people through change, announced today a new partnership to bring an innovative change communication practice to clients around the world.

“This is a game-changer for our US clients who have been seeking a better way to drive change adoption within their organizations,” said Patrick Fitzmaurice, CEO of CatFarm. “Our new change communication practice, in partnership with CB4, will provide advisory services for crafting change communication strategies that drive real buy-in and acceptance across all levels of management and employees. We’re excited to see the transformative impact this will have on organizations we deal with worldwide.” 

Through a shared passion for designing change communication strategies and transformational storytelling, CatFarm and CB4 offer a comprehensive suite of services, including change leadership consulting, strategic communications, together with competencies training and workshops. Their goal is to assist clients in moving organizations along the change adoption curve in an organic, smooth, and structured manner.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with CatFarm to write a new chapter in our own story,” said Gareth Hosking, CEO of CB4. “Together, we are extending our global reach to the US, Africa, and Europe, helping our clients stay on course in a world of constant change and disruption. Our workshops, online and offline, empower teams to harness the art of storytelling, enhance problem-solving skills, and become better leaders and activators of change.”

Take action now to enhance your organization’s change efforts and build the right competencies and skills that create change agents across all levels of management and employees. Learn more about CatFarm and CB4 by visiting their websites at and

For detailed information about our Change Communication practice, please see the full details here.

You can watch the video announcement from Patrick Fitzmaurice here.

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